ArmCord with transparency mode turned on


Do you want your client to be transparent? Or do you want your Discord to be darker? Well, ArmCord supports theming natively!
ArmCord with Vencord settings

Various mods built in

Enjoy Vencord and Shelter with their many features, or have a more vanilla experience, it's your choice! Import plugins and enhance your client.
ArmCord running on Windows Vista

Designed to work everywhere

ArmCord supports and actually works on all major operating systems. Some members of our community got ArmCord to work on Windows Vista/XP!

ArmCord for...

Casual user

ArmCord is built specifically for ease of use. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of installing mods. Just download, run and pick what suits you the best!


Are you tired of Discord app taking your precious ram in the background? Try out ArmCord, it's much lighter and detects your games like a charm!


ArmCord is completely open source, you can create themes and plugins for it. It's very hackable and doesn't block you to look what's inside.

Linux users

Are you tired of the official app being sluggish, unresponsive and not working properly? Try out ArmCord! It's built with Linux in mind and works flawlessly.


Made for Privacy™

ArmCord automatically blocks all of Discord's trackers; even without any client mods, you can feel safe and secure! We also don't collect any data from you.

Much more stable

ArmCord is using a newer build of Electron than the stock Discord app. This means you can have a much more stable and secure experience, along with slightly better performance.

Mobile support

ArmCord has experimental mobile/touch support for phones running Linux such as the PinePhone. While this is still far from an ideal solution, we're slowly trying to improve it.

Standalone client

ArmCord is built as a standalone client and doesn't rely on the original Discord client in any way. No Discord code here and no injectors!